About Apalain

Apalain was founded with an innovative spirit and a sporting objective: to design premium performance attire specifically for ladies who pursue the shooting sports

We launched Apalain to overcome a challenge: ladies’ hunting and shooting apparel isn’t designed for ladies. We began by looking at shirts. There are many available, but what we quickly discovered is that all of them fit women poorly. In fact, they all appear to be men’s shirts sized down for women. Where was the femininity?

We started Apalain to create feminine but at the same time high-performance shooting apparel to appeal to ladies. Starting with a blank sheet, we designed our first product – the Classic Shooting Shirt – for the female form and with all of the characteristics and details which an excellent shooting shirt should have, creating what we believe is a genuine classic. The ladies who choose Apalain choose to wear apparel that will not only perform well and stand up in the field but also flatter their femininity.


Apalain's mission is to be "Feminine in the Field." Here are a few facts about our company:

  • Based at 300 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60654

  • Manufactured by our partner in Towson, Maryland

  • Shipped from our fulfillment partner's facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan

  • Reached at

Welcome to Apalain. 


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